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03-02-2012, 03:50 PM
Any Given Sunday INC
Madden 12 Online Franchise (PS3)
Serious Contenders Only!!!!
NEW Sim League!!! NFL play-style!!!
32 Owners!!!

Gameplay Settings

Quarters: 7 Minutes
Difficulty: All-Madden
Fantasy Draft: OFF
Accel Clock: 15 secs
CPU Trades: OFF
Fatigue: ON
Injuries: ON

Week Scheduling:

Our league advances every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday @ 9pm Eastern. This gives all players enough time to CONTACT your opponent to play your scheduled game. Make sure it is an appropriate time that works for both players.

• If you, the owner cannot play for any reason it is your duty to contact a league commissioner to let them know you will not be able to play. The commissioner will contact your opponent so that they can play the CPU that week. You can have your place in the league held till you return.
• Failure to respond to your opponents or miss your scheduled games could result in removal from the league.
• If you are having trouble contacting your opponent contact the scheduling commissioner and he will help you get your game played.


*Mandatory to give all contact information: phone number, email address, PSN name and also be able to download the “GROUPME” app to your phone or to your computer*

Play Selection should be diverse and you shouldn’t be calling the same exact plays every snap. Screen passes the entire game is “frowned upon” Mix it up on offense and defense. Basically let’s not use cheap plays and let’s try to keep it clean. We all want this to be as close to the real thing as possible so let’s keep that in mind with our play calling.

Defensive and Offensive Pushes are not allowed which are done by taking control of the player in an attempt to slow down the CPUs receiver or defenders route and assignments. We all know that Pass Interference is rarely called in this game. Do not intentionally control a player to mess up/slowdown routes. Everyone loves a good user pic or catch but don’t exploit AI’s lack of the pass interference call.

Pre Snap Movement is Only for the LB, S, and CB positions and can be moved manually. If you DO control manually you must control that player until the snap of the football. No Dline manual moves. You can still shift the Dline or line backers or coverages the way you would like using the d pad but you still must stay as the manually moved player. This is because of an exploit found that cuts off routes down field by blocking routes at the line or downfield.

Rocket Catching is prohibited which is throwing a deep pass and switching to the WR/RB/TE and undercutting the route and jumping to catch the ball. Also lobbing the ball up and switching to the receiver to catch it. The DBs in Madden automatically become slow when a player switches to WR. This happens sometimes by accident but it is noticeable when it is done on purpose and will result in penalties such as removal from the league.

Nano blitzes are also prohibited which is a blitz that is not part of the normal part of game play.
To do this a player takes control of an AI player before the balls snapped and moves his location, then switches off to another AI player and controls him. This leads to a system mismatch and the AI cannot account for the player who was moved

Defensive line stacking is not allowed and players shouldn’t be directly behind linemen unless it is automatically lined up that way by the original play formation.

Blitzing is legal and contributes to play calling diversity. Best way for blitzing is to run blitzes as is to eliminate nano blitzing and other defensive glitches such as push offs.

Quarterback Scrambles and dropping back to pass should stay within the workings of the game. A QB can scramble for yards but using a QB to scramble on every play in Madden 12 is not realistic. Also Dropping back far without pressure on the QB is also not realistic. This will be monitered so stay within the rules.

In 4th down situations most of the time you should be punting the ball. I am lenient on this rule but let’s keep it realistic. I understand at times teams may go for it on 4th down because they NEED to or want to try and shift momentum but going for it on 4th and 12 or 4th and 5 in the first Quarter on the 10 yd line is not realistic...Keep 4th downs reasonable and abusing this rule can lead to being booted out the league.

Onside Kicking should only be used when losing to get the ball back if you feel that your defense cannot stop your opponent’s offense in the 4th quarter ONLY. Onside kicks every kickoff are prohibited. You CAN however do an onside kick to start off the second half to catch opponent off guard or shift momentum.

If you are leading' by 35 points or more, at any point of the game, please be considerate to your opponent, there is no need to pile on. I'm not going to enforce a mandatory run the ball rule or let the clock go down to 1 before hiking it but please show good sportsmanship.

Running out the clock should only be done with 2 minutes left in either half or overtime. Sustaining long drives is part of football but do not purposely run out the clock to do so. We are all on here to play so make sure your using the time to do so.

Disconnects are bound to happen and they are part of online play. If a disconnect happens players should message each other to see what happened. Opponents are allowed to do whatever they like in regards to a disconnect. If the player does not respond to your message in a reasonable time (5-10mins) then the W can be yours. If disconnection is a continuous problem for your team then removal from the franchise can and will take place. If your opponent responds and wants a rematch you can play from the beginning or score points to total to the score it was before the disconnect and start from there. At any time if both players would like to disconnect and restart you have the option to do so. Example: both have obligations that need to be taken care of that moment and agree to play later.

If you are playing the CPU for any game you have only one chance to play that game. If a disconnection happens notify a commissioner and they will determine if you can restart that game

Having a microphone as an accessory is allowed but make sure all smack talk is done with respect. Smack talk is fun and allowed but do not offend people. People talk crazy noise on the field in real life all I’m asking is just keep it ignorance free!!

Any disputes a gamer has can be brought to any of the commissioners at anytime and will be taken into account. If you have a complaint it is always best to have evidence so if you can record it and send it to a commish we can validate your complaint.

Most importantly LET’S HAVE FUN!!!! We all want that Superbowl Trophy at the end of the year!!! Good luck for the start of Season 2 in Any Given Sunday!