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09-20-2011, 01:41 PM
Hey everyone,

I know how great and active your NCAA Community is, but if there are any Madden fans out there, we are trying to fill the last spot in our Madden Franchise (Raiders).

The AALoA is a sim-style football league, we run a Madden Online Franchise that is managed with the wonderful League Manager tools, offer a Madden Community for quick matchups and Online Team Play, and two NCAA Dynasties (1 Regular and 1 Coaching Carousel).

Due to the No-Huddle and Week Advance issues of NCAA, the league has not gotten off the ground as the experience is ruined for our up-tempo teams. But Madden is just now starting, and we enter Week 2 on Wednesday.

So if you have questions, please message me. You can post here, but I'm not sure how often I'll check this forum as I'm in the middle of moving out of state. You can contact me over PSN at the_EDJ. And easiest of all, you can sign up for our forum at www.aaloa.forumotion.com (http://www.aaloa.forumotion.com).

We are an active community of mostly mid-20's to mid-30's football fans. Our younger owners who have more free time love creating weekly write-ups, and things of that nature.

We do have rules that set the gameplay style we've come to expect. The rules are mostly meant to enforce how we want owners to play each other, and not the AI to ensure a chess match ensues, and that nobody keeps people from throwing the same hadukens at their opponent over and over so to speak. haha. But by all means, I don't feel the rules are that restrictive from enforcing owners on how they play the game if they're truly sim players.

Portal (Landing Page Chat Box): www.aaloa.forumotion.com (http://www.aaloa.forumotion.com)
Forum: http://aaloa.forumotion.com/forum
Sign-Up: http://aaloa.forumotion.com/t29-league-sign-up
There's a direct link to the Rules thread and the list of teams and who is open on the sign-up.

Hope to hear from the TGT Community!

09-20-2011, 01:46 PM
Example of my Weekly Thread advancing into the next week.


The time we've all been (im)patiently waiting for is here. EA has bent us over, had their way with us, and laughed all the way to the bank with our money. While completely butthurt, things were looking up as nobody became pregnant or contracted any STD's. A bright shining light would appear named Derek Adams he has shown us how things can be done when passion meets execution. With league Manager, all of our statistic, MVP Race, transaction, and drafting needs clash with a game that offers brilliant gameplay, and pathetically broken features.
So while we may not have usable custom playbooks, cohesive Online Franchises, or persistent Online Franchises, we do have one thing, and that's each other (along with countless broken promises). For the veterans that have been around these past couple of years, you've offered some of the most incredible games of Madden I've ever been a part of. The defensive battles with SteelPitt (Link 1 (http://z6.invisionfree.com/IGNMadden10/index.php?showtopic=138&view=findpost&p=829733) and Link 2 (http://z6.invisionfree.com/IGNMadden10/index.php?showtopic=134&view=findpost&p=836813)). The epic come-from-behind overtime barn-burner to open Madden 11 versus Posky (Link (http://z7.invisionfree.com/American_Armchair_Lg/index.php?showtopic=191&view=findpost&p=921665)). And the lag-fueled, incredibly maddening (get it?) AI wonderfucks with SquirrelHunter where incredible matchups disconnect, and the EA AI formula decides to screw one of us over (pretty much every game).
To the new guys, I don't promise a smooth start. There will be an adjustment period as what our established definition of "sim gameplay" is. For some, it just means not glitching. Others try to mimic their team's real playstyle to a T. And others yet will combine a style all their own. While we adjust to each other, don't get upset about a loss (that's my job) or a rule that seems unfair. Things can change over time. The best thing to do is learn your opponent's tendencies and turn them against them. In the process you will build an incredible rivalry (wish that keg_stand_man and JamesGators were still around) and the delayed gratification when you do win will be that much sweeter. What I do promise is an incredible community of guys from all over the US with very different lifestyles. If you have a question about how things have run in the past, or how something will get handled, ask myself or any of the "Veteran" owners with gray usernames on the site, we've seen everything.
Without further adieu, I give you my Week 1 preeeeeviewwwww preview preview...
I normally offer insight on weekly standout performances both great and embarrassing, and then pitch what I think is the game of the week. As it is week one, I have multiple "Games of the Week" for you to discuss.
Power Rankings
Don't get upset over these. I used Team Ratings as the overall Power Rankings standings base. Then I added "points" to the owners that have played in our community, and gave bonus points to the owners that won a Super Bowl last year in the AALoA. As it stands now:
01 . Jets - Plusch24
02 . Ravens - YtBalla
03 . Eagles - westphilly09
04 . Patriots - d-stylez260
05 . Bears - the_EDJ
06 . Chiefs - illmatic216
07 . Steelers - SteelPitt16
08 . Cowboys - MeanMrMustard9
09 . Packers - HORSYSAUCE
10 . Falcons - PartTimeGoogus
11 . Broncos - ChampJezusBailey
12 . Chargers - k10trinh
13 . Colts - kob42141
14 . Saints - clutchone6
15 . Buccaneers - konemesis
16 . Titans - Posky
17 . Giants - Cougars79
18 . 49ers - PhilliesSteve
19 . Jaguars - DemonX5136
20 . Texans - Dhitter
21 . Lions - King_Hippo72
22 . Dolphins - shoots419
23 . Rams - BigReggie30
24 . Panthers - Capeman0623
25 . Raiders - bababooey76
26 . Seahawks - cheed85
27 . Bills - SquirrelHunter
28 . Cardinals - eversoles09
29 . Browns - BC_TwiztidKilla
30 . Redskins - mission8
31 . Vikings - GoingCommandoAZ
32 . Bengals - truth_n_babylon

http://cdn.www.easports.com/static/528884/images/mdnMadden12OnlineFranchisePlugin/default/en/team-logo/png_40/logo_29.pngGame of the Week #1http://cdn.www.easports.com/static/528884/images/mdnMadden12OnlineFranchisePlugin/default/en/team-logo/png_40/logo_25.png

The biggest Game of the Week of my choices is also my favorite to be your AFC Championship game matchup when all is said and done. The Steel Curtain still resides within SteelPitt and any offense is going to struggle putting up points on the most ridiculously rated defense in the game. On the other hand, YtBalla stepped into the league last year and not only won the Super Bowl with the Broncos in year 1, but ran the table with a perfect record another year. A true Ravens fan, the offensive mastermind trades in his high powered weapons for another stout D. This should be a great matchup, and is a division matchup no less and should set the tone for the entire season.

http://cdn.www.easports.com/static/528884/images/mdnMadden12OnlineFranchisePlugin/default/en/team-logo/png_40/logo_31.pngGame of the Week #2http://cdn.www.easports.com/static/528884/images/mdnMadden12OnlineFranchisePlugin/default/en/team-logo/png_40/logo_8.png

The first time these two teams met, they were both relative newcomers to the league. Commando was fully expected to run through Ken's porous defense with All Day. And without a defined running game, many expected Ken to fall to Jared Allen and the Williams Wall. Instead, it was the Ryan Mathews coming out party as the lightning in a bottle eventually won an MVP Award before Madden 11 was over with. With no answer for the Super Chargers offense, the Vikings fell early. My how a real season changes things. The Williams wall was torn down. The Chargers retained talent on the edges to keep the middle of the field open for Gates and Mathews. And the Vikings got younger at QB replacing Brett Favre with 34 year old Donovan McNabb. How these two match up this year is anyone's guess.

http://cdn.www.easports.com/static/528884/images/mdnMadden12OnlineFranchisePlugin/default/en/team-logo/png_40/logo_2.pngGame of the Week #3 http://cdn.www.easports.com/static/528884/images/mdnMadden12OnlineFranchisePlugin/default/en/team-logo/png_40/logo_5.png

The only matchup to feature two "new" owners to the league (technically, truth has been here as he reps our NCAA Dynasty) also features two talent deprived rosters. Two Texas QB's square off in this one. At the end of it all, will the guns be blazing? Or will the fiery hues of Andy Dalton's hair burn our retinas? Both teams feature decent weapons on offense, it's how the defenses perform that weigh most importantly in this story.
League Advancement: We advance twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday. As not everyone has signed the Rules thread or even own the game, I will be sending out personal invites to the owners that have. Please do not share the password with anyone at this point. Once the league is rolling and an owner needs to jump back in due to a simmed game and such, then you can remind them. If we have issues getting Week 1 completed by Sunday, I will delay advancing until Wednesday. After this, we will advance strictly on Wednesday and Sunday, at a time that is convenient for me.
Reminder: League Manager is required for ALL transactions. To ensure accurate tracking of rosters, salaries, and everything else, you must use LM. If I find that you are using the console or EA's website to manually move players, I will reverse the moves and promptly boot you.
If you have any questions, ask! Now let's play some football football football!!!!!


09-20-2011, 01:48 PM
Another owners season thread of activity and game recaps.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

*Reporter Lloyd Johnson will be following the Kansas City Chiefs and coach, Illmatic, for the entire season. He caught up with the coach after practice today.

Coach Illmatic, any worries or concerns being a rookie head coach?
Well Mike, I didn't become an NFL head coach by being scared and I'm not about to start now. I've been able to schedule scrimmages with some other coaches and I've held my own against some of the veterans. As Tom Petty said, I Won't Back Down. As a rookie head coach I'm not intimidated. I want to go down in history with the greats like Lombardi and Parcells and it all starts right now.

Coach, you seem confident in your team this season. What are the keys to the Chiefs success?
We need to control the line of scrimmage at all costs. Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones have been running wind sprints 10 hours a day in preparation for our rushing attack. In this league you need to be able to run the ball, especially in the redzone. Our defense still needs work, but we've got a good group of young guys led by Eric Berry, who has potential to be the best safety in the league this season. We hired Matt Walsh as our video assistant so I feel confident going into this new season.
We all know the Chiefs are built to run the football, but is there any concern about your passing game this year?
Mike, let me just say this right now... Matt Cassell is going to the Pro Bowl this season. I bet my life savings on it. He has looked amazing most of the preseason and has really developed chemistry with the receiving core. The other day Leonard Pope ran a 15 yard post route with a blindfold on and Cassell, also blindfolded, threw a perfect ball between the safeties for a touchdown in practice. It is true we are built to run the football, but against teams who like to stack the box with safeties, we trust Matt to call audibles and go down field for big plays.
...So you hold practices where your QB and tight end are blindfolded?
Don't question my methods.

Interesting. What role will Dexter McCluster play this season?
Dexter has a rare skill set with his speed and receiving ability. The problem is that there are two running backs ahead of him on the depth chart. I really think McCluster could be a top 10 back in this league given the opportunity, which is why we are currently listening to trade offers. We would love to add a second tight end or nickel cornerback to our roster.

Going back to your coaching methods, what is this I've heard about your post game refreshments policy?

I want this team to work hard and play hard. I've demanded that every player drink at least a 6 pack after every practice to ensure we have a good time. We need to be a loose team and not over think our matchups. I feel like wins need to be enjoyed, which is why I've ordered strippers for every victory. I want the locker room to be a party every time we win a ball game. These guys have put in the work and deserve a reward.

Coach, I've never heard of anything like that before.
Mike, I'm not like any coach you've seen before. Here, have a beer. :lol:

10-06-2011, 04:02 PM
Well it's Week 6 in our Franchise and we have a couple of open teams with the trade deadline this week. If anyone is interested in making a late playoff push, we've got the Saints and Browns both open and needing sim owners. Any tailgaters looking for some pro games to shake up their college football games?

10-12-2011, 09:52 PM
if my life made more sense right now, I would ,..but no

10-14-2011, 10:50 PM
if my life made more sense right now, I would ,..but no
Haha I hear ya on that. I've got a temporary commish while I transition to a new city and find a new job. That's the biggest hurdle in keeping a full league is life just intervenes.

I guess I can edit open teams as well:
Titans and Saints are the only open teams at the moment. Both teams are untouched rosters as well. Titans are even 4-2 despite never having an owner.