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07-22-2011, 08:24 PM

A fresh infusion of talent by way of the NFL draft is the surest way your favorite team can build for the future. Why do you think we always debate the top draft classes and not the top free agency classes of all time? We get excited adding rookies to Madden NFL 12 too. Rather than tweaking and adjusting ratings for the same old veterans we get to build new guys from scratch, projecting how they’ll transition to the pro game. If only their coaches could do that.

Rookie quarterbacks in Madden NFL 12 almost have it as tough as their real life counterparts. If a player isn’t a Hall of Fame caliber player after his first snap, he’s immediately subject to more verbal abuse from fans than he’s ever heard in his life. Whether you’re yelling at them --or for them-- with a remote control, gamepad or $10 pretzel in your hand, quarterbacks get far too much credit and far too much blame for their team’s success or failure.

In Madden NFL 12 the rookie QBs will likely be subject to even more scrutiny with the addition of player traits and tendencies as those are just more metrics on which you can base your hastily formed opinions after each snap.

10. Greg McElroy - NYJ - 65 OVR

9. T.J. Yates - HOU - 66 OVR

8. Ricky Stanzi - KC - 68 OVR

7. Ryan Mallett - NE - 69 OVR

6. Colin Kaepernick - SF - 70 OVR

5. Andy Dalton - CIN - 71 OVR

4. Christian Ponder - MIN - 73 OVR

3. Jake Locker - TEN - 74 OVR

2. Blaine Gabbert - JAX - 75 OVR

1. Cam Newton - CAR - 77 OVR

Again nobody from this group, including the #1 overall pick, breaks into the 80s with their overall rating. Quarterbacks have it extremely tough when it comes to ratings, though. Drew Brees only briefly flirted with a 99 OVR rating after posting a 5000-yard passing season in ’08 and then leading New Orleans’ celebrated Super Bowl run in ‘09; Ben Roethlisberger has a pair of Super Bowl rings and he only hovers around a 90 OVR in Madden NFL games. So now what do you think Cam Newton will have to do for Carolina to get into even the low 80s as a rookie?

Don’t forget, we’ll be consistently updating all rosters and all players during the 2011 NFL season, so these lists are just a starting point. Keep it here for more on Madden NFL 12 rookies, ratings and info.

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07-23-2011, 09:19 AM
Interesting ratings but I think Mallet should be rated higher then the top 3 QB IMO.He had better stats and more accurate numbers as well.

07-23-2011, 01:01 PM
Hmm.... Jake Locker is almost as good as the rating of the Titans last year of 78.....

07-23-2011, 05:42 PM
Cam should be a 73 and Mallet should be at least a 76. Locker should be down a couple of points as well, maybe a 72. Mallet should certainly be the highest rated rookie QB.