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07-20-2011, 08:46 AM
Madden NFL 12 Rookie Ratings: Top Wide Receivers

A fresh infusion of talent by way of the NFL draft is the surest way your favorite team can build for the future. Why do you think we always debate the top draft classes and not the top free agency classes of all time? We get excited adding rookies to Madden NFL 12 too. Rather than tweaking and adjusting ratings for the same old veterans we get to build new guys from scratch, projecting how they’ll transition to the pro game. If only their coaches could do that.

Today we’re looking at top rated rookie wide receivers in Madden NFL 12. Like strikers in soccer, wide receivers are the glory position in the NFL and there always seems to be a rookie that can make a huge impact on his new team. Last year, Tampa Bay’s Mike Williams shushed all doubters with 11 touchdown catches and 900+ yards receiving. While his ratings in Madden NFL 12 will be much higher, maybe you can figure out which one of these rookies can be a consistent threat in your passing attack.

10. Greg Salas - STL - 66 OVR

9. Titus Young - DET - 67 OVR

8. Leonard Hankerson - WAS - 67 OVR

7. Vincent Brown - SD - 68 OVR

6. Torrey Smith - BAL - 69 OVR

5. Greg Little - CLE - 70 OVR

4. Randall Cobb - GB - 70 OVR

3. Jonathan Baldwin - KC - 71 OVR

2. Julio Jones - ATL - 78 OVR

1. A.J. Green - CIN - 80 OVR

The Julio Jones-to-Atlanta draft trade takes on new meaning when there’s a number assigned to the rookie receiver, doesn’t it? And Cleveland still has a Top 5 –according to Madden NFL 12—rookie receiver in Greg Little to show for it. And let’s not forget how Jonathan Baldwin ended up in Kansas City with the Chiefs sneaking into the 26th overall pick when they came into the draft owning the 27th pick. It seems like wide receivers get all the NFL attention even before they catch their first touchdowns.

Remember we’ll be consistently updating all rosters and all players during the 2011 NFL season, so these lists are just a starting point. Keep it here for more on Madden NFL 12 rookies, ratings and info.