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Feature Playbook #5 for Madden NFL 12--Madden Ultimate Team--has now been uploaded to http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/1/madden-ultimate-team.


Madden Ultimate Team 12 Details (http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/madden-ultimate-team-12-details) written by Ratings Czar Donny Moore.
Madden Ultimate Team: Top Community Request (http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/madden-ultimate-team-top-community-request) written by EA SPORTS Game Changer Jake Stein.


Madden NFL 12 Playbook #5: Madden Ultimate Team


06-20-2011, 12:53 PM

I'm still waiting for EA SPORTS to upload the entire "Feature Playbook" for Madden NFL Ultimate Team, but the video above has leaked out through various sources and provides the standard "Feature Playbook" video with Anthony Stevenson, Donny Moore, and Josh Looman discussing the mode in Madden NFL 12.

MUT adds the ability to trade and "Legendary" packs in Madden 12.

"Legendary" players spotted in the video include:

Walter Payton
Deion Sanders
Barry Sanders
Marshall Faulk
Lawrence Taylor
Dan Marino
Rod Woodson

06-20-2011, 01:14 PM
I would rather just buy packs and collect rather than play with the team. Because you have to play way too many games to be able to buy packs. If they opened it up to everything you do in Madden gets you coins, not just MUT stuff, then it would be more enjoyable.

06-20-2011, 01:15 PM

Dan Marino!!!

06-20-2011, 01:18 PM

Dan Marino!!!

Laces out, Dan!

06-20-2011, 01:19 PM
They should give me Walter Payton for as many packs I bought trying to get him last year :smh:

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Link: http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/madden-ultimate-team-12-details

Hey Madden Ultimate Team fans!

I'm Donny Moore, Ratings Czar and Live Content Producer on Madden NFL 12—in charge of everything dealing with players, teams, stats, and live updates throughout the year. First, let me explain what that means exactly. Madden NFL 12 has one of the most robust online feature sets in all of sports video games, which requires a significant amount of support post- launch. Weekly online roster updates are a big part of it – rating updates, trait updates, depth chart changes, injuries, etc. We also support Madden Moments Live — weekly challenges that capture the biggest games of the past week and allow you, the gamer, a chance to change history and share your high scores with your friends and with all of the Online Madden Nation. And last but certainly not least, Josh Looman (Senior Designer on Madden NFL 12) and I produced weekly content updates for Madden Ultimate Team all throughout the season. Ultimate Team is a big focus here in Madden NFL 12 and I am here today to give you all the details!

This year, after talking to Dan Baker (Line Producer on Madden NFL 12) and Josh we agreed that it was important for us to give you, the fans, what you wanted in Madden Ultimate Team. By far, the #1 requested feature on all the message boards and forums was adding the ability to trade in Madden Ultimate Team. In the past, you open up a pack in Ultimate Team, get a double of some QB that you already have, and you are kind of bummed because you can't do much with the extra card... Not anymore! Bring on the trade offers!!

Trading in Madden Ultimate Team 12

Trades – here are some quick facts about trades in Madden Ultimate Team 12:

Any card type can be traded. Players, coaches, stadiums, playbooks, legendary cards, etc.
1-for-1 Trades – multiple card trades is something we are looking at for the future in Madden Ultimate Team, but in Madden NFL 12, we have 1-for-1 trades.
Post to Trade Block fee – there will be a fee associated with posting trades (only in the event that the trade is successfully completed).
You can trade with friends or make deals with complete strangers! Just like the Auction Block, you have the ability to search through trade offers from others or send a card to your own Trade Block.
You have the ability to set the overall rating range of the player you want in return for the trade. This ensures that you will not get spammed with junk trade offers.
The first step if you are looking to trade away one of your players is to add the card to the Trade Block. You simply do this like you would if you were sending the card to a Pending Collection or Posting to the Auction Block by clicking on the card in your deck.

Search Trade Block Options – on this screen, you have similar options that you do with the Auction Block in terms of what types of card you want or what position and player overall rating you are looking for in return. You even have the ability to only look at your friend's decks when searching. Here in this example with Scott Wells, I am looking for a TE in return in the same overall range that Scott Wells falls into.

Trades are easy to do and give the MUT gamer more tools in his workshop to craft the Ultimate Team! I am so happy we got this feature in for Madden NFL 12 and we look forward to improving this as the season and years go by!

MUT Legends and Legendary Pack

Something that we are super excited about this year in Madden Ultimate Team 12 is our MUT Legends and our brand new Legendary Pack!! The Legendary pack will contain a mix of the highest value cards plus a chance at getting a MUT Legend card. And when we are talking about Legends folks, I am talking about thirteen of the best that have ever step foot on a NFL field:

These MUT Legends will be distributed into Legendary Packs with multiple versions per – Legend. We tried to capture the Legends' career moments and seasons that stood out most and created a Legend card to bring it to you guys. Another cool deal with the MUT Legends is we try and capture what the player's wore in terms of player equipment as best we could for each card too. For example, the rookie Jerry Rice did not wear gloves and wore a different facemask than the older Jerry Rice in Oakland..

Walter Payton – Rookie Season, Super Bowl XX
Barry Sanders – Rookie Season, 2000 Yard Season
Jerry Rice – 1985 Rookie Season, Jerry in Oakland
Gale Sayers – 1965 Rookie Season, 1966 Pro Bowl
Marcus Allen – 1985 NFL MVP, 1993 Comeback Player
Dan Marino – 1984 NFL MVP, 1986 Pro Bowl, 1994 Comeback Player
Lawrence Taylor – 1986 NFL MVP, Final Season
Deion Sanders – Deion in Dallas, his rookie season in Atlanta, Super Bowl XXIX with SF, Deion in Baltimore
Rod Woodson – 1987 Rookie Season
Marshall Faulk – with the Colts, Rams
Eric Dickerson – with the Rams, Colts
Eddie George – 1996 Rookie Season
Shaun Alexander – 2000 Rookie Season, 2005 NFL MVP

Hall of Fame Edition and Madden Ultimate Team

The Madden NFL 12: Hall of Fame Edition offers Ultimate Team fans something unique! We are offering a special one-of-a-kind pack available only to Hall of Fame Edition purchases that features former Madden NFL cover athletes and Hall of Famers. When you open this pack, it will include 13 former cover stars and Hall of Famers in the one pack! The list of players available in the Hall of Fame Edition include:

Barry Sanders – Madden NFL 2000 co-cover athlete (with John Madden); Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2004
Eddie George – Madden NFL 2001
Marshall Faulk – Madden NFL 2003; Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2011
Michael Vick – Madden NFL 2004
Ray Lewis – Madden NFL 2005
Donovan McNabb – Madden NFL 06
Shaun Alexander – Madden NFL 07
Vince Young – Madden NFL 08
Troy Polamalu – Madden NFL 10 co-cover athlete
Larry Fitzgerald – Madden NFL 10 co-cover athlete
Drew Brees – Madden NFL 11 cover athlete
Rod Woodson – Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2009
Jerry Rice – Pro Football Hall of Fame, Class of 2006

What is new in Madden Ultimate Team 12?

All new collections with brand new reward cards! In Madden Ultimate Team 12, we wanted to make sure we had more players in the team collections since we now have expanded 70+ man rosters in Madden NFL 12!!
The reward cards are brand new for Madden Ultimate Team this year and these cards are NOT found in packs (only as rewards for finishing the collections).
In Madden NFL 11, we had 100+ collections. Expect more of the same in Madden NFL 12.

Brand new UI and interface in Madden Ultimate Team 12
Our art team did an outstanding job reworking the entire Madden Ultimate Team UI this year. We now have it streamlined it to be similar to our online and franchise menu systems.

So those are the major changes to Madden Ultimate Team this year. Excited yet? I am!

As you can see, we're committed to improving Madden Ultimate Team, giving you, the fans, your #1 most requested feature with Trades...and this is just the start.

When the game is released, we will be supporting Madden Ultimate Team all season long with great content and exclusive promos.

If you want to ask any general Madden Ultimate Team questions or anything to do with the player rosters and ratings, you can contact me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/#!/Donny_Moore.

For general Madden NFL 12 news, make sure you are following http://twitter.com/#!/EAMaddenNFL.

Thanks for reading and I really hope you enjoy all of the new additions in Madden Ultimate Team in Madden NFL 12!


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Link: http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/madden-ultimate-team-top-community-request

Hey Madden Ultimate Team fans! EA SPORTS Game Changer Jake Stein back and wanting to breakdown one of the biggest community request for MUT: TRADES! That’s right; Madden NFL 12 will now allow players to trade cards in Madden Ultimate Team.

First of all, ANY type of card is eligible to be traded. Whether it is the most common third string defensive tackle or the rarest, brand new card that Josh Looman or Donny Moore just put out, they are all available to be acquired via trade.

Trading is made easy in Madden NFL 12. Just post (or search through) the Trading Block. This will give you the listings of all the cards that other players are willing to trade within your set parameters. One of the new features this year also allows you to set the amount of compensation you want in return for the player on the trading block. This will prevent you from getting a multitude of spam or junk offers.

The one note I want to mention is that there will not be any multi-card trades in Madden NFL 12. I know this is something the team wants to expand on in the future, but for this year it will just be 1 for 1 trades.

Well, that’s it for this blog. Remember, if you want an early head start on your MUT team this year, be sure to pick up the Hall of Fame Edition of Madden NFL 12, which includes exclusive cards featuring past cover athletes in their prime and some of the greatest to ever play the game! As always, feel free to send me your thoughts at www.twitter.com/Jstein2469. The full online feature set is just weeks away! See ya then!

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Link: http://www.gamespot.com/xbox360/sports/madden-nfl-12/news/6320288/madden-nfl-12-qanda-all-about-ultimate-team

We talk to EA about trades, legendary players, and more in this look at Madden's card-collecting mode.

A few years back, EA surprised a lot of Madden fans when it introduced a new downloadable game mode called Madden Ultimate Team. Besides just the fact that it was a free add-on from EA--how often does that happen?--Madden Ultimate Team was an interesting concept because it took the manliest of sports and turned it into what was essentially a collectible card game. (Click here for the full breakdown of Ultimate Team if you've never played it before.) Now Madden Ultimate Team has been rolled into the full game, and we recently spoke with associate producer Donny Moore to see what's new.

GameSpot: Was there a dominant string of feedback you received from fans after releasing last year's version of Madden Ultimate Team?

Donny Moore: I think most of the feedback we received revolved around two things: trades and finishing online games. I have good news to report on both fronts: Madden Ultimate Team 12 will indeed have a trading feature and we have also been working on some things to reduce the number of games that end in a quit.

GS: How did you go about balancing the desire to address fan feedback with implementing some of the ideas you guys were already working on?

DM: This is one area where we designers on the Madden Ultimate Team and the fans are pretty much in sync. Trades were by far the number one most requested feature on the message boards and forums. Josh Looman (senior designer on Madden NFL 12) has been wanting to add this since the inception of MUT back in Madden 10. So we are really happy to be able to deliver trading in MUT 12.

GS: What are the biggest additions to Ultimate Team this year? Any previous aspects of it that have been removed?

DM: Like mentioned previously, the number one new feature this year is trades. Any types of cards can be traded--player, stadium, coach, playbook, etc. You can trade with friends or search through the trade block for cards that you want to acquire. You also have the ability to put up your own cards for trade to see if anyone out there in the MUT universe is interested in your card. The good news is that we have a robust search feature that allows you to target certain positions and overall ranges, so you don't have to sift through hundreds of spam trade offers like you might be familiar with from playing fantasy football. Our search allows you to only get legit offers basically. The number two major feature for us this year and something that we are super excited about in Madden Ultimate Team 12 is our MUT Legends and our brand new Legendary Pack. The Legendary Pack will contain a mix of the highest value cards, plus a chance at getting a MUT Legend card. We have 13 of the biggest stars to ever play in the NFL: Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Jerry Rice, Gale Sayers, Marcus Allen, Dan Marino, Lawrence Taylor, Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson, Marshall Faulk, Eric Dickerson, Eddie George, and Shaun Alexander.

Another cool aspect with the Legends is that there will be multiple versions of each of the legends based on their most memorable moments and best seasons. So you will have a Jerry Rice rookie card, as well as a Jerry Rice Oakland card from later in his career. Each one of these Legend Career cards will be rated based on that player, at that point in his career. So for example, Rod Woodson came into the league as a cornerback and later moved to safety. Walter Payton as a rookie was incredibly fast and elusive, whereas later in his career at Super Bowl XX, he was more of a power back. We have that captured here with the Legend cards. The player equipment will also be time specific so a young Jerry Rice will not be wearing gloves, whereas he will later in his career for the other cards. No features have been removed in MUT 12.

GS: Ultimate Team has always seemed like one of those modes geared toward the more diehard Madden player. Have you done anything to make it more appealing to the more casual fan?

DM: We have some very cool reward cards for anyone who plays the demo this year. So we are hoping to reach a more mass audience with that feature. I also feel that the very fact that these MUT Legends are in the game and are exclusive to the Madden Ultimate Team mode only is very appealing for any NFL football fan.

GS: Any final words of advice to give our readers a little leg up on the competition?

DM: First thing I would say is that you are missing out if you are not playing online games and earning coins. The entire game of Madden Ultimate Team is built around the concept that you can literally earn your way to the best team and the best players by completing games and earning coins. The trick here that a lot of our gamers miss is if you quit out, you get zero coins and you lose contracts…not to mention is a pretty scumbag type of thing to do, and it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. Other than that piece of advice, I would suggest the collectors out there to really watch out for the collections this year that we release. We have some cool things planned and some super-rare reward cards planned once you finish the collection.

06-20-2011, 03:34 PM
Link: http://espn.go.com/espn/thelife/videogames/blog/_/name/thegamer/id/6682125/madden-ultimate-team-adds-trades-marino?readmore=fullstory&6454

I was a huge baseball card collector as a kid. One day my friend offered me his Jose Canseco rookie card (right after the 40/40 season) for my Tony Gwynn rookie. I thought he was joking. The Canseco card prices were going through the roof, and after 40/40, the sky was the limit for the kid who looked more like a WWE star than an outfielder for the A's. What a difference a decade makes. Now Gwynn is in the Hall of Fame and Canseco's run at the Hall of Shame makes his card worth less than ten bucks.

Funny how I much I used to enjoy trading cards and can remember even the most miniscule sounding deal, like the time I swiped a Terry Puhl for Bill Laskey.

Looks like my trading days are coming back full swing as "Madden NFL 12's" Ultimate Team/virtual playing card feature finally includes the ability to deal cards to other players on a one card for one card basis.

If you're unfamiliar with "Madden" Ultimate Team, AKA MUT, it's a cool mode where gamers collect virtual cards then use those cards to play with as their team. The more you play, the more coins you earn, enabling you to buy new packs of cards and acquire new players. Gamers also have the ability to purchase coins and buy cards at auction in order to improve their lineups.

But trades? That was just not allowed until "Madden 12," and it's a feature the "Madden" community is going to celebrate big time.

"This was our most requested feature by far," says Donny Moore, one of the "Madden" producers who works on MUT and continues to update the "Madden 11" MUT content on a regular basis, including a special Father's Day pack (that did not feature Antonio Cromartie for some reason). "So now if I have a double of Peyton Manning and you have a double of Chris Johnson, we can just make a straight-up trade."

Any card in the game can be traded, including players, stadiums, coaches, and legendary cards, and you also have the ability to trade with both friends and strangers. Adds Moore: "And when you're putting a player up for trade you can sort through all of the options like what kind of player position you want in return, and whether you just want to look through your friend's offers or anybody's as we're trying to eliminate any of the spam offers you might get like when you're playing fantasy football and somebody offers you the worst player on their roster for Adrian Peterson.

"And it's super simple how the process works. You just put a player on the trading block and you can search through the block for players who other people put up just like the auction block. Everybody has wanted this for a while and I think this is going to be a great thing for fans."

Another huge addition to the game this year is the addition of new legends who can only be played in MUT mode. Last year, Walter Payton was the only legend in the game, but this year the list includes a returning Payton along with Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders, Dan Marino, Jerry Rice, Gale Sayers, Marcus Allen, Lawrence Taylor, Rod Woodson, Marshall Faulk, Eric Dickerson, Eddie George, and Shaun Alexander.

"We've added a legendary pack into the game this year that includes a mix of the highest value cards and a chance at getting a legend," explains Moore. "So when you buy a legendary pack, you're not guaranteed to get a legend because these cards are super rare, but people will have a lot of fun trying to get these guys and then playing with some of the best players in the history of the NFL."

And the cool thing is, there are multiple iterations of each legend, so you might find a Marcus Allen card from his best year on the Raiders, or you might unlock the Marcus Allen Comeback Player of the Year card from when he was on the Chiefs. "We created versions of each of these legends based on their most memorable seasons," adds Moore. "So you're going to have a Walter Payton rookie card, a Walter Payton Super Bowl card and a card from his best season. We're trying to capture the biggest moments from each of their careers, and when you see them in the game, we actually equip them like they looked at that stage of their careers. So for Jerry Rice, when he was a rookie, he didn't wear gloves and he had almost like a linebacker's facemask on. He looked pretty rough and didn't look anything like the silky-smooth receiver he came to be and that's how he'll look in our game."

Add that to the fact that gamers who buy the special "Madden NFL 12 Hall of Fame Edition" will start MUT with cards from 13 former "Madden" cover athletes, and it looks like this year's mode is going to be stacked with star power.

"We even have all new rewards cards this year," says Moore. "Last year when you completed a collection of cards, like if you got all of the Jaguars, you were rewarded with a legendary Fred Taylor card from his best season on the Jags complete with his Jaguar uniform. This year, we've refreshed all of those rewards for 'Madden 12.'

"We're also tweaking the scales of the player ratings in MUT, because now that we have all of these legendary players, they need to be at the top of the ratings categories. So that means we're going to lower the scale for the current players to reflect how amazing the legends are. This is Lawrence Taylor, pretty much considered the best linebacker ever, so we're going to drop DeMarcus Ware a few points behind him. It only seems right."

And it only seems right that my trading days are back on. What's the going rate for a vintage Deion these days, anyway? I'll trade just about anything for some speed like "Prime Time." If only I could throw in my Canseco rookie to sweeten the deal.