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06-15-2011, 03:14 PM
This was posted to the Madden NFL 12 Facebook page earlier today:

Got a Dynamic Player Performance question that you'd like to have answered? Join us tomorrow at 2pm EDT for a LIVE CHAT with Madden NFL 12 Ratings Czar Donny Moore and Designer Wes Reinhart!

Click here for the link to the Live Chat page. (http://www.facebook.com/EASportsMaddenNFL?sk=app_208195102528120#!/EASportsMaddenNFL?sk=app_208195102528120)

A full transcript will be posted to this thread as soon as the Live Chat has concluded tomorrow afternoon.

06-16-2011, 11:24 AM
Time Update: Per the Facebook page, the Live Chat has been rescheduled and will now start at 1:30PM EDT.

The time zone conversion works as follows:

Central Time: 12:30PM
Mountain Time: 11:30AM
Pacific Time: 10:30AM

06-16-2011, 11:26 AM
Dewiel: Welcome to the Madden NFL 12 Dynamic Player Performance Chat with Ratings Czar Donny Moore and DPP Designer Wes Reinhart!

JDewiel: We're going to start answering questions shortly, but feel free to start submitting them now. For reference, please check out Wes' blog for complete details on Dynamic Player Performance (DPP) http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/dynamic-player-performance-features

Donny Moore: What up Madden fans? Who's ready to talk about some DPP?

Wes Reinhart: How's it going guys? Wes Reinhart checking in to answer your DPP questions!

Comment From Ryan: What is Dynamic Player Performance exactly?

Wes Reinhart: Think of DPP like this. In the past, player's ratings stay the same form the beginning of the game to the end. Same thing in franchise mode. This year, we'll be able to manipulate our AI based on trait values that we set so we can distinguish similarly rated players like Mike Vick and Matt Ryan and make them play two different ways. Additionally, players will react to game situations differently based on these new traits and tenancies.

Comment From Tony Romo: How much of an effect does the clutch trait have?

Wes Reinhart: The clutch trait affects the pre-existing ratings during clutch moments in the game such as the last two minutes or overtime when the game is within a possession. It is a significant boost to the relevant ratings for that player, but it's not going to guarantee success because at the end of the day it's still in your hands and YOU need to make the right reads to the right players.

Donny Moore: I'd like to add on to this. We've gotten a lot of feedback from fans wanting to know how we determine who gets the clutch rating. The clutch rating is one of the most rare and special tags/rating that a player can get in Madden NFL 12 and our bottom line was to make it rare and special. There are currently only 20 or so players with the clutch rating in Madden NFL 12. Now, we will be following along heavy with the 2011 NFL season and we'll make changes/add the clutch rating to guys who earn it throughout the year.

Comment From WestTexasElite: I've noticed from the pics of player traits that no one's confindence is over 3 stars will that go up or down based on performance in game

Donny Moore: The confidence rating for every player in Madden NFL 12 has been set to a 3 Star rating to start the year. We'll be moving guys up/down based on their on the field performance as part of our weekly roster updates.

Wes Reinhart: Additionally, franchise mode will dynamically updated the confidence rating after each game based off of stats from the game. At the end of each year, the confidence will reset back to 3 Stars heading into the pre-season of the following year.

Comment From Justin: Will there still be player ratings?

Donny Moore: Yes, the 50+ ratings for each player are still there and have kept me busy all throughout the spring and heading into the summer. :)

Comment From Germany: can you explain what ratings will be affected with the clutch trait? Does clutch only affect the player who has it or also boost other players around him?

Wes Reinhart: Great question!

Wes Reinhart: The clutch trait will affect position relevant ratings. For example, a QB will have his accuracy increased as well as his PA rating, Awareness, and others, but not his throw power or speed for obvious reasons. Most players will only affect themselves for the clutch rating (I.e. they get better) with the exception of QBs who also have a boost to their offensive line.

Comment From Scott Bramhall: If a HB is prone to fumbling and has that trait. Is there anyway to get him to remove that trait with good gameplay?

Wes Reinhart: If a player is already known for not covering the ball up/fumbling, then he's not going to change his style based on good performance, but if a player comes into the game and has a fumble then he'll start covering the ball a little more often and becoming more conservative. If that player now gets back in his groove by rushing for a lot of yards/scoring a TD, he has the ability to reset to his original trait value.

Donny Moore: And guys, if you have not had a chance to read Wes' blog covering all of the DPP traits in detail, make sure you check it out after this chat. http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/dynamic-player-performance-features

Comment From Michael93: Will the player traits progress in franchise mode like strength can progress from a 90 to a 93?

Wes Reinhart: Of the 18 new traits, there is about a handful that can progress through franchise mode. The other traits are more characteristic of a players style and thus will not progress.

Comment From Dusty: stop this stuff of people throwing into triple coverage and getting away with it please!!

Wes Reinhart: First, you'll be happy to know that we've made some drastic improvements from the gameplay side of things to improve zone coverage and coverage in general. Second, these QB traits won't affect how users play as a QB, they're more specific to the CPU, but when playing against the CPU, you will notice a player like Cutler will try to thread the needle on passes that a guy like Garrard who is set to conservative would never try.

Comment From Ryan: How would a rough game effect a cool-headed player such as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning?

Wes Reinhart: So both Brady and Manning have a consistency of 5/5 stars which translates to a very limited affect of the confidence trait meaning that a player like Brady at 1 star or 5 star confidence is very similar as compared to a player like Mike Vick who can produce anywhere from 120 yds passing to 400 yds passing depending on his confidence level.

Comment From Shane: How often will Gus & Chris mention DPP in commentary? Does it happen every time there is a change?

Wes Reinhart: We did add new audio focusing on the new DPP feature set which will call out certain types of plays that might have been different with a player of different trait values, but we don;t beat it into the ground and call it out any time any thing happens. We also have visual representation of the changes that you can view at any time in the pause menu.

Comment From Josh: How hard will it b to pull out of a slump in a game if u throw a couple of picks?

Wes Reinhart: The confidence rating is updated at the end of each game and will not manipulate your ratings during the game. That said, if you have a cold QB playing a game, you'll probably want to focus on shorter higher percentage passes to build up his stats to raise his confidence for the next game. Additionally, considering subbing in a backup RB is more likely than it ever has been in Madden because of DPP.

Comment From Zack: What is the average number of clutch players per team? Is there 1 or 2, or 5+?

Donny Moore: It's less than one because we have less than 30 total players with a clutch rating. There are some teams with three players that are clutch and there are other teams that do not have a single clutch player. We didn't try to force a clutch player to each team.

Comment From Jon: Why is the streak limited to 3 games, players have breakout years all the time, doesn't that eliminate a realistic occurrence?

Wes Reinhart: Great question!

Wes Reinhart: We actually went back and forth on this as a design team.... the short answer is we didn't want to make the game too easy or too hard for any one player. The number of streaking players are tuned to be a relatively low percentage of the league and allowing for streaks to extend seasons could cause an imbalance in the league.

Comment From Shopmaster: I understand for QBs we control there is not going to be a dip in accuracy even if we are taking sacks and hits, but for WR will they drop the ball due to DPP and does DPP go away if we click on to the WR?

Wes Reinhart: Another great question here!

Wes Reinhart: So while your dead on about DPP not affecting user QBs as much as CPU controlled QBs, other aspects of DPP will have a direct affect on both CPU and user controlled players. Your example of the dropped ball trait is one of those. So you'll need to reconsider throwing passes over the middle and getting your WRs lit up by heavy hitting LBs. Alternatively, you can have the trait turned off for players that start with it on by getting them into the flow of the game early. (The TO Effect) Another example would be the DB plays ball trait which would not have an effect if you switched to this player because you're controlling his movements.

Comment From cody: so for clutch its not a rating that everyone has?

Donny Moore: It's a rating that everyone has, but less than 30 actually have it on and the rest of the league has it off.

Comment From Peter: Will any defensive players have a clutch rating?

Donny Moore: Yes sir! Defensive stars like Troy Polamalu, Ed Reed, and Clay Matthews all have the clutch rating.

Comment From Randy Moss: Well then teams will be crippled beacuse theres already 2 clutch players on the jets and packers

Wes Reinhart: No, not at all. Remember, the clutch rating only comes into affect for a very limited portion of the game and only in close games. For example, Aaron Rodgers will only see an increase to his ratings when he has the ball down by 8 or less with under 2 minutes to go in the game.

Donny Moore: Btw, for reference, we didn't look at any player based on team on other players on his team. Instead, we focused on the player individually when deciding if he was clutch or not.

Comment From Josh Smith: Can you scout these DPP or how do we know which players have what?

Wes Reinhart: Scouting DPP traits will work the same way as scouting ratings throughout franchise mode. So each week of scouting when you unlock ratings, you'll also unlock trait values.

Comment From Steelcrush7: What effect will a defensive clutch rating have?

Donny Moore: Just like Wes said earlier for the offensive guys, the defensive clutch player will have the defensive specific ratings affected. So for example, a DBs cth will go up, his awareness, play rec, etc will also go up when the game is on the line.

Comment From Andre El Garhi: Will rookies in Franchise mode have DPP traits ?

Donny Moore: Yes sir. every player in the game has traits including rookies and the spawned rookies in franchise mode. There are also dynamically generated so no two players will be alike.

JDewiel: That's all the time we have for today guys. Thanks for joining. Make sure you check out Wes' blog for all of the latest info: http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/dynamic-player-performance-features We'll host another live chat in the coming weeks and give you another chance to ask DPP related questions.