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Madden NFL 12 at E3 2011

E3 2011 is here and Madden NFL 12 is part of a superstar lineup from EA SPORTS that includes SSX, NHL 12, FIFA 12 and NCAA Football 12. We want to get you all caught up on all the news and info that’s already out there for each title. This way, when you go diving into the sea of E3 news about your favorite EA SPORTS titles, you’ll already have pieces of the puzzle in place. Think of this story as your E3 home as we’ll be updating it with all of the exclusive news and insider info we’re allowed to give you.

Madden NFL 12 is only holding onto a few precious bits of info at this point. We’ve already heard all about the new cameras, cheerleaders, 3D grass, collision system, custom playbooks, Franchise mode and Superstar mode so what else is there to talk about? Plenty…..but nothing we can talk about before E3.

Of all the revelations about Madden NFL so far the upgrades to Franchise mode have a special place in our hearts. Scouring the internet for feedback from the most loyal and most haterish Madden NFL fans has led to an avalanche of “little things” being added to the mode that take it one step closer to the real thing. Free agency in the Madden NFL 12’s Franchise mode is a completely wild experience that will force you to evaluate your team heading into free agency and then quickly move to put in the highest bid on the players you want. It’s like you’re on a timed shopping spree, with only seconds to grab all of your favorite candy at the sweet shop. Only there are 31 other people in there with you doing the same thing and if you don’t know which aisle has your favorite treat, you’ll be stuck with those leftover marshmallow things from last Easter. Yeah, it’s kind of like that but with video game football players.

You must do your homework when it comes to scouting. Too many other decisions and off season moves depend on your familiarity with available rookie talent. As you’ll learn at E3, many things change over the course of a football season and Franchise mode is all about managing your players through all of that change.

We’ll have much more on Madden NFL 12 during E3 including exclusive video content and inside access with our 24-Minute Challenge. Next week Madden NFL 12 will have its biggest moment in the spotlight On Wednesday June 8 at 11AM PDT/2PM EDT join us for the ‘Madden NFL 12 24-Minute Challenge’ where we’ll answer your questions (via Twitter and Facebook) about Madden NFL 12 within 24 minutes. FB comments with the most ‘likes” and Twitter questions that get retweeted with the #easportse3 hashtag will be in the pool of potential questions that we’ll take to the producers/devs.

Keep your eyes on this space for Madden NFL 12 updates throughout E3. For now set your DVR and alarm clock because on Monday June 6 at 1230pm PT/330pm ET, Spike TV and EA.com are broadcasting the EA press briefing in its entirety. After that, at 130pm PT/430pm ET it’s the EA SPORTS @ E3 Pregame Show on Ustream.tv/EASPORTSLIVE.


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Good info NB!

I am so pumped for the game and E3, are you attending?

06-01-2011, 09:22 PM
Nice find! This game may well make its way bacvk into my PS3 starting lineup again this year.

06-02-2011, 03:40 PM
Good info NB!

I am so pumped for the game and E3, are you attending?:smh::( No, but I sure wish I was bro.

06-06-2011, 11:47 AM
I wonder how big the items of information they are holding on to will be?

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06-09-2011, 02:47 PM
EA and the Madden team just did a chat like NCAA did. Not sure if there will be an archive. Though personally, I thought the Madden chat sucked. They were not at all ready for questions. The NCAA chat, the chick who was moderating questions had a question up and ready before Ben was even done answering the previous question. The chick who was moderating the Madden chat, apparently didn't like any of the questions or couldn't decide. It was becoming routine to have 2, 3, 4 minutes pass between a single question being answered, forcing Phil to bring up random things to talk about or expand on previous things to fill time. Also pathetic when these chats are only about a half hour long, and you're sitting there with a good 1/4th of the time with no questions at all being asked.

But, for the meantime, if there is an archive of the video, here are the questions that were asked:

Madden 12 E3 Live Broadcast

Thursday June 9, 2011

starting in a couple minutes

Comment From BOLTS
Can you still play as Rookies?

Comment From dtigertron
can you tell us any thing about Madden online franchise ? Has any thing changed ?

Comment From Kick
Do interceptions happen more often or do defenders still drop a lot of passes? Is there a better chance of an interception if the player is user controlled?

Comment From TengoJuego
Will player's be fully editable? Equipment, appearance, traits, styles, etc.

Comment From Dizzy
when are you releasing ratings?

Comment From Tfgabe1
Are there any big changes from Madden 11?

Comment From JOEY
are all throwback uniforms still in the game from last year

Comment From Mark in the UK
How is the field/uniform degradation looking?

Comment From Crawdaddy
Are you bringing Ultimate Team back?

Comment From Rusty Williams
Do Madden generated rookies look like their size says? Example: I drafted a 6'6 350lb DT and he looked no bigger than my 6'6 280lb DE.

Comment From Justin
are there dive catches in madden like ncaa this year?

Comment From Walt Jones
Are quarterbacks throwing motions similar to the real life players

Comment From ALpHaQ20
Anything new with special teams? Surprise onside kicks, etc?

Comment From Jorel
Is gameflow coming back?

Comment From Wes
Will we be able to see customization of the Main Menu, like our favorite team with pictures of players from that team?

Comment From chris traff
if you have a qb who tends to choke in games will the be replicated

Comment From Cleveland
Talk about superstar mode and whats new

Comment From clarence
how is the progression system on franchise mode?

Comment From Erad
are concussions added to the game as injuries?

Comment From DanK
Whats your favorite change or addition to the game?

Comment From Lucas
What has changed to the Franchise mode?

Comment From Jake
How much has Zone Defense been improved?

Comment From ALpHaQ20
Can you bring back the ambulance running over players as it arrives on field?

Comment From Chris
Will speed be a bigger factor then awareness, route running or catch?

Comment From Tony
Any new additions to the draft in Franchise Mode this year besides for the new scouting System?

Comment From P21J
Are there different run styles in the game? (or in other words, will speed backs like Chris Johnson have different run animations from power running backs like Adrian Peterson)

Comment From scrimmage1
has the challenge system been upgraded or changed in any way?

Comment From Mike
Don't see any replays. What's up with that?

Comment From PhillyRon
1st Great Job out there. Is the Dynamic Player Performance optional in head to head play. (for tournaments)

Comment From Derek
Does the field degrade as the game goes on?

Comment From Boston71
How are player roles different from dynamic player performance?

Comment From Mike
What are you gonna do about rookies and free agents if theres no season

Comment From chris traff
is there any hidden gems in the generated players for drafts like drafting a brady 199th etc..

Comment From PauloInVegas
Are there player specific entrances? What happens when they retire?

Comment From Ross
Can you discuss the improved ball physics?