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05-20-2011, 07:51 AM
Madden 12: Hands-On Impressions (http://blog.myleaguemanager.net/index.cfm/2011/5/19/Madden-NFL--12-HandsOn-Impressions)

Gameplay Improvements

The gameplay additions that the team at EA Tiburon have implemented for us fanatics this year are a much needed "shot in the arm" that, as of the builds I played, have brought realism and fun together in a seamless yet explosive gameplay experience. In my mind, the most important additions to gameplay (and most notables) are: Eliminating Suction, New Consecutive Hit Tackling, and the much improved Defensive Zone Coverage.

The most talked about feature amongst the Madden NFL 12 community has been the elimination of suction blocking and tackling. Gone are the days where your Linebacker shoots through the line of scrimmage with a clear path at the running back only to slide sideways into an Offensive Lineman who is out of position to initiate the block. In Madden NFL 12, if this same scenario presents itself, your HB will find himself on the ground seeing birdies. However, since suction has been removed across the board, no longer can a defender just run up to you with a poor angle and make the easy tackle.
This year blocking and tackling are only initiated by contact. So as the defender is running at you (if they are in position to make a play) they have to actually make contact to initiate the tackle animation. Also, the dev team has added a tackle button (formerly the dive button) to help force the player to actually make the sure tackle instead of blindly trying to get near the ball carrier. I personally have felt the effects of the removal of suction from the game on several occasions. If you do not take the correct angle or misjudge the ball carrier, you will "whiff" on the tackle and most likely give up a big gain.
Consecutive Hit Tackling has provided us Community Event members with many "oh's and ah's" during our time at EA Tiburon. I have heard many gamers describe the tackling in previous games as "a giant hug-fest". This year, Tiburon has shown us all how to bring the noise. Ball carriers with a high truck and strength rating will fight off a weak arm tackle, start to lose their balance and put a hand on the ground to steady themselves while two other defenders will come in to finish off the job in "crushing" fashion. I have witnessed several instances of a ball carrier getting stood up after a 5 yard gain and struggle to try and break free, only to have another defender (or two) come up and lay some leather. It is truly a gratifying experience to see a ball carrier fight to not get tackled only have that defender come up and hit him hard enough that the momentum knocked the offensive player backwards.
In my own humble opinion, I have saved the best for last: Improved Zone Coverage! To be perfectly honest, the word "improved" really doesn't do that statement justice. A more fitting term is phenomenal when describing zone coverage. If you lived and died by the drag, crossing, or flat routes in past iterations of the Madden NFL franchise, it is time for you to form a new strategy and game plan my friends! Linebackers shrink the middle of the field in a "Cover 2" zone allowing for little or no yardage after the catch. Defenders now hand off receivers to each other as they pass from zone to zone. Confusing the coverage by flooding the zone and using route combinations are now essential to consistently completing passes this year. I have noticed that by flooding a zone, you will get one receiver open but only for a second. If you don't read it correctly the window to complete the pass will close faster than ever before. Timing and creativeness are crucial!

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On another note I wish I knew someone that was able to go to the community day event. I have a few questions

05-22-2011, 08:32 PM
On another note I wish I knew someone that was able to go to the community day event. I have a few questionsWhat are you wondering? Throw 'em out there and someone who knows the answer may just happen by.

05-23-2011, 08:04 AM
I asked G if he might happen know since it NCAA uses the same zone concept likely. He answered my question but here is what I asked him.

It may be a bit confusing.

On defense I like to make individual assignment changes to create zone-man hybrids. For example if I'm playing a team with a dominate #1 WR such as Andre Johnson, I would call a cover 3 but put the CB covering him in man coverage leaving everyone else in zone.

Lets say I call this play
http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRQ3ofrYXn3ZYvkbpZGo4TlsQqrfvcvC mxdXRfY8N1GZSNUOa5g

Johnson is the single WR lined up on the right side of the formation. I would assign the CB covering him to play man, changing his deep coverage assignment. My question is this. If a WR runs a route towards that part of the field (where my #1 CB's initial assignment was) does the CB playing the intermediate zone continue to carry that WR further back since there is no coverage deep? or will he just coverage him through HIS assignment then release? I know this play may not be a good example but it would be easier to show in the game. Of course I know if that area is flooded with WR's then the CB will go cover his assignment.

From what I was reading from Phil and Mike S. defenders with no one to cover in their assignment will pick and help whomever is nearby. Like for instance if the defense calls cover 4 and the offense sends a single WR aligned on the right side on a streak, if the Strong Safety has no one in his zone he will then go over to the double the streak route.