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04-28-2011, 08:24 AM
Gameplay (http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/first-look-gameplay)

What I can't stress enough with this new tackling system is the smoothness that it operates with. Everything seems so fluid, so natural. One thing that I know frustrated gamers in the past was not being to re-engage in a ball carrier who you could tell was about to break out of a gang tackle. I can assure you, those days are gone come August 30th.

The next big leap in Madden this year is the improved AI, specifically zone defense. Players no longer are restricted to playing just a certain part of the field, regardless of the routes being run. They now can adapt on the fly. The best way I can showcase this is with another example. I called Cover 2 and my opponent came out in a spread formation with one running back. The back was running a wheel route behind the two receivers on the left that were clearing him out. Ronde Barber bumps the running back coming out of the backfield but instead of just turning him loose after that, starts running with the back and makes an over the should interception. Barber knew he had no other offensive threat to account for and stuck with his man and made a play on the ball.

Tuned up defenses and better tackling does not automatically equate to offenses being at a disadvantage. Defenses playing true to form allows the offense to take what the defense is giving them. I can't tell you how many times I said to Justin Dewiel, Senior Community Manager for EA SPORTS, "That's where the ball should go. That guy should be open against that defense." Routes such as the 'deep in' and 'comeback' were two routes that I had a lot of success with and that wasn't the case in the past. Another thing that sticks out and makes a huge impact on the game is the addition of dive catches. Nothing makes the receiving game feel more realistic than seeing your guy lay it all out for a ball and sometimes make the catch, and other times just miss it!

Presentation (http://www.ea.com/madden-nfl/blog/first-look-presentation)

How detailed are we talking? Young and his team studied for hours to make sure nothing was missing during pregame introductions. "We even matched the different (shapes and sizes) boxes that teams use for their pyro" Mike said.

The presentation enhancements for Madden NFL 12 don't just stop with pregame improvements, that's just the beginning. Each game will begin with a gorgeous, over the top, exterior blimp shot of the stadium. Even the surroundings of the stadium are true to life. For example, Browns Stadium is right on the North Coast Harbor and yes, there is even a barge docked in the water.

Madden NFL 12 also brings you a customized EA SPORTS television broadcast style. What I mean by that, is that banners, overlays, and stats are presented very similarly to what you'd expect to see on a true television broadcast, but EA SPORTS has tweaked that and made it something very original. Along with that TV broadcast style, comes specific camera angles that you might recognize. Kickoffs, field goals, and a few other areas of the game all use the same camera angles that you would see on game day.

04-28-2011, 09:07 AM
Sounds like everything we have heard about NCAA also applies to Madden.