View Full Version : NHL 19 Open Beta Available Through August 2

07-26-2018, 05:40 PM
The EA SPORTS NHL 19 Open Beta is now available on PS4 and Xbox One and will last until August 2.

Use this thread to discuss your thoughts on the beta.

Get your first taste of NHL® 19 as the Open Beta, featuring the World of CHEL, runs July 26 to August 2 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 The Beta is a great opportunity for you to get hands-on with some of the features you’ll see in the full game, and is your best chance to give the EA SPORTS™ NHL team feedback on anything you’d like to see improved. Keep reading to find out how to enjoy everything the NHL 19 Open Beta has to offer.

Your First Look

The NHL 19 Open Beta will feature the World of CHEL, an environment hosting new and returning game modes that work together in a unified progression system centered around the EA SPORTS Hockey League (EASHL). World of CHEL introduces outdoor rinks set in spectacular landscapes you’ll get to explore during the Beta, and they offer fun ways to compete against others.

As you play your way through the World of CHEL Beta, you’ll unlock pond-hockey inspired pieces of gear to stylize your character with as you try to top the competition. These casual looks help both skaters and goalies express themselves in some bold and colorful ways, which you can start trying-on in the Beta. In addition to numerous World of CHEL features, you can also jump into Online Versus with the 31 NHL teams at your disposal.

Try it Out

In NHL ONES, competing 1v1v1 is fun and competitive as you look to score the required number of goals faster than your opponents, in any way possible. Dance around the competition with a Dangler, or push right through them with an Enforcer Defenseman. THREES Drop-In offers an over-the-top, arcade-inspired, 3v3 hockey experience, where you can match up with other THREES players and take on opposing squads online. These modes included in the Beta will be extremely useful in preparing for EASHL Drop-In and Clubs this year.

How to Take Part

Get into the Beta by going to the Xbox Store or PlayStation Store and downloading it from there! Not only is it a great chance for you to try out NHL 19, you can also provide us with valuable information on how the game can be improved before launch. If you run into any issues, all you have to do is head over to the EA Help site.

07-29-2018, 06:59 PM
Finally got to play this for a bit yesterday.

Ones is a lot of fun. Even losing, it's rewarding getting a couple goals.

Threes was OK, highlighted by getting yelled at over TV speakers to pass the puck on R2. :D I went straight into the game and didn't know how.

If NHL put these modes out as a separate title for $10-20, I might bite. However, I wouldn't get enough play of the game to buy the whole thing.