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02-22-2018, 12:23 PM

Today's MLB The Show 18 developer livestream focused on commentary and presentation improvements.

The stream detailed new color commentator Mark DeRosa of MLB Network, dynamic storylines, improved crowd and weather, and announced a new legend coming to the game: Bob Gibson.

Continue on to see the archived livestream and to read the TGT recap.


- Hosted by Community Manager and Game Designer Ramone Russell, Lead Game Designer Kirby St. John, and Ross Houston
- Show agenda: Mark DeRosa, Dynamic Storylines, Replay Revamp, New Crowd, Improved Weather, Situational Awareness, Legend Reveal
- Russell leaves but will return later.

Mark DeRosa (10:58)
- Harold Reynolds no longer in-game due to long-term issues with scheduling and logistical constraints.
- DeRosa (of MLB Network) will be new color commentator.
- Playing career brought unique perspective to DeRosa's commentary.
- All three commentators were able to record in studio at the same time. This allowed for improv and natural humor.
- Examples of new commentary played. (14:35)

Dynamic Storylines (17:17)
- More conversational and to help eliminate unnecessary PBP.
- Will highlight interesting narratives or storylines.
- Streaks, rivalries, will mention what happened earlier in season, currently in season, or things that emerged during game.
- Examples of Dynamic Storylines played. (18:45)
- Branching conversations so they will not always be the same.
- Different match-ups will bring different conversations.
- If something special emerges during the game, the commentary focus will shift to that. IE: Teams combine for numerous home runs.
- Can also be player-centric.
- 'Quick Facts' can provide quick background info on a player. (30:10)

Replay Revamp (32:15)
- Wanted replays to replicate what user would see in a real-life broadcast.
- MLB The Show devs traveled to Cleveland and shadowed the MLB Network production team during a broadcast.
- Video example of full-speed replay on home run including improved crowd reaction.
- More camera variety on home run sequences.
- Stadium sounds: Unique stadium home run sounds/audio mixing improved to bring out those sounds.
- Camera variety: Cameras devised for each stadium to show off unique aspects of home field that may not have been shown much before. Examples shown. (37:50)
- New theme music in-game.
- 'More than double' stadium specific cameras.
- Ross Houston departs and Michael Compton joins the stream.

New Crowd & Improved Atmosphere (43:40)
- In past, 2,500 rain drops. Currently, 250-200,000 for variance.
- Weather patterns: Rain could move through slow, heavily through game, light rain, etc. Rain delay will not always occur and length of delay will not always be same. Bigger impact on pitcher for longer delays. Five different weather patterns.
- Fog: Different types (light, medium, or heavy), day fog. Fog can lead to reduced visibility on structures outside stadium, such as buildings beyond outfield. Fog will appear randomly during 'Overcast' games, higher likelihood based on location and date (SF, for example).
- Example of fog games shown. (48:30)
- Crowd Improvements discussed. New base layer of sound design, real-time props (phones, cups, et al.), hands and fingers on crowd members, reaction logic, doubled crowd animation database, Head IK.
- Ramone Russell returns for giveaway.
- Attendance logic during game and seasons: based on stadium, match-up, et al. Some exceptions: Wrigley, Fenway will always sell-out. Crowd will dissipate following rain delay.
- Russell departs again.
- Kyle Saul joins the stream.

Situational Awareness (1:01:00)
- More 'players' who can show emotion/awareness during key moments of the game: Managers getting upset at umpires, players encouraging each other, etc.
- Helps to make the game feel more organic.
- Examples shown. (1:03:30)
- Players can now show facial emotions: happy, sad, upset at others, upset at themselves, etc. In future, can add more including player specific.

- Mo-cap blooper reel starring St. John shown. (1:11:40)
- Gameplay with developers answering chat questions and pointing out other noteworthy game additions. (1:14:14)

- New legend revealed: Hall of Famer and former St. Louis Cardinal Bob Gibson

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